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BUDDY Veggy Restaurant Café Rome, is a genuine and casual vegan restaurant, suitable for your evenings with friends and family. It was born from the idea and union of three brothers, restaurateurs by passion and family tradition. The history of our establishment starts from 1995 as a pub, then continued as an omnivore restaurant to the present day as a vegan restaurant.
Why this change? Because we decided to remove meat and meat products from our menu, and become plant based!
The transformation to the vegan world occurred in the midst of the covid 19 pandemic where the world gave us a signal: if you don’t change something, nothing can change. By eliminating meat from our menu we have offered a small contribution and a signal to limit the suffering of animals, which are raised intensively, while also becoming more sustainable.
Our daily challenge is to prove that a vegan menu can be good, fun and healthy without sacrificing taste and pleasure. The change we have faced has not been easy having numerous omnivorous regulars in the past, but we realize day by day that we have become part of a fantastic community.
BUDDY is attended by unique and innovative people, many of them, fight every day for animal rights and beyond, among them is Andree who works with us and whom we consider a true mentor. Thanks to him we learned about the Hope shelter, a magnificent sanctuary, where there are numerous amazing animals, rescued from a cruel fate, a place where they are free to have a life that is finally is rightly dignified. It is no coincidence that we espouse the cause of anti-hispecism.
Being vegan is not easy, if you become vegan you have to be aware in some way that you are going against the grain. Today’s society does not accept, understand or want to know the motivations behind our food choices and sometimes ciderides, or worse, attacks us. For all these reasons, we strive to make our customers feel at home, free to be themselves, to express themselves freely and share an opinion.
Welcome to BUDDY’s!

Buddy Veggy Restaurant Café was born in the heart of Rome, from an idea to change and revisit traditional Roman cuisine from an ethical/vegetal perspective.


Monday – Friday:
10:00 – 23:00

Saturday – Sunday:
9:00 – 23:00


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